This web page is a Cyber Concierge for the elders, a tool to meeting your expectations, solving cybersecurity problems, especially for you and your elders. Increasing the use of sophisticated yet common cyber assets, continuously evolving – with you for you. In Hindi, #hinglish and English.

Call us when you need help solving, your everyday smart phone PC and apps related issues. From Paytm, UPI to router and CCTV we are here to assist when ever you need us. Contact us on the media below.

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The first step toward a safer interaction with the cyber world is to set up your PC password or Phone Pin. You can do so in the Phone settings under the ‘Security’. Click on the link below to watch a video that explains how to do this click on this link Passwords, pass codes and Finger prints for Elders. On a PC always use a user account for your daily work, keep your administrator account and privilages safe from hackers. Please fix an appointment with calendly link to get first hand advice on how to acomplish this for your system. Our experts will assist you for a small fee for their time. Your first consult is on the ‘House’. Use the link Secondly, on your Phone (Smart Phone) lets get your finger print to authorise its screen lock. This will keep your device safe from mischief, manhandling and discourage theft.


The following day you would have forgotten what your passwords and Pin numbers are, more so now then all devices come with biometrics, so lets help you save your valuable pass codes securely away from physical and digital theft, Our experts will assist you secure your information with the solutions suited for your use case. don`t hesitate to fix your convenient time with us. Use the link


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Now you have decided to take assistance to secure your digital footprint, install google meet on your phone, this will allow us to schedule a meeting and confer, use the link to set up our first meeting, our expert can guide you.