The journey and story of Learning by Observation

We learn because we observe. We observe as a child even before can express and continue doing that throughout life. Immunity keeps safe and helps us survive. Observation helps us move forward and grow!

Authors of this page are acutely conscious of limitless possibilities that the subject Learning by observation can be.

That thought reflects in our logo. The hexagonal shape, representing form. Each hexagon represents a whole world in its own. A confluence is uniquely individual to each one of us. Do not miss the shadow, it represents the subconscious and the latent forces that influence. We have a nickname “LbO”… Learning by Observation.

In our current Avatar, at LbO we are demystifying data analysis. The many aspects that affect data analysis and data visualization. Head over to our post on demystifying analytics. The video and mindmap will present the not so visible aspects of data visualised.

Your thoughts on what all Learning by Observation can be are welcome. Head to the comments section. Let’s open a conversation.