Partner or co-worker who is a human first.
An experienced CXO and global business leader who is a growth catalyst. I am invested in your progress and success and am your Accountability Partner as a coach, mentor, or CXO. More at

In a dark hour, Shrenik discovered that his voice had left him. A life that was blessed with family and career. That changed one morning. The medical intervention helped, but the natural speaking ability was gone for good.

In a darker hour, he resolved to let his new voice be the guiding light for people. We can all do better with help and the sound of silence.   More at 

Guru Immigrations is a boutique consulting firm advising families to migrate to Canada; families and businesses have trusted us over the last nine years for family visas and LIMIA applications. We believe the immigration process is only the first step in building a new life. It is best to start with sound advice. We invite you to speak to an expert today for well-meaning, honest advice. More at