Just so we know about the circles

Just so we know about the circles and the blue background. Conceived on grounds of simplicity and easy to replicate. 

Blue: it translates to trust in the language of colour, dark so it is easier on the eyes with a bright computer screen. 

Yellow:  shows shine. Also so it contrasts:  Stemming from shine we choose to have 2 circles.

Story of the 2 circles

2 circles: representing ring of fire of a total solar eclipse.

2 circles: google the word join: see the results from images: share what you see:)  i will ask next time we chat !!  something about sql may be!

2 circles: broadly draw from the symbol of infinity …

2 circles: broadly draw from engagement rings..

We largely use 3 colours: Dark blue, yellow and grey. So people in the small circle are the strength of the system and help one and all shine .. just like the sun!

I would love to hear your first thoughts, and thank someone who started with the blue and the circles !! TCOL Branding:  this was fun ..

now we all know more!